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My man.Our man.

Sit a while with me dear friend, let me tell you about my lover. Our lover, if I may… He’s unconventional, in the same manner that everything about me is. He excites me just as my fingers tingle whenever I write to you. He makes love to my mind. Slowly. Intentionally. With ease and caution,…

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Lies they told me (I)

They lied. I was 12 when they told me he came to a person thrice. “Just look for the dashing man in red” No other color but red. So I waited, I waited for the man in red and I found him first when I was 16. He came to me in the version of…

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I recently had a conversation with a friend the other day; natures very own clay (don’t ask questions) and he asked me to pass this message across.

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I have this thing where I can’t wear someone else’s shoes comfortably, its as if my feet know that they’re not home. If I can’t wear someone else’s shoes then what exactly was I thinking when I tried to live someone else’s life.

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